Laguiole steak knives

Natural materials - 2 bolsters

6 Prestige Laguiole steak knives, rosewood handle, 23 cm, shiny finish

6 Prestige Laguiole steak knives rosewood andle of 12 cm, shiny finish.  Welded Bee & guilloched ressort. Stainless blade 12c27.  Currently, rosewood is subject to protection.  Its export is prohibited outside the European Union.
Box of 6 Laguiole Original steak knives, full handle all stainless steel with shiny finishThe total length of the steak knife is 23 cm. Welded bee & guilloché spring. Stainless steel blade 12c27. Dishwasher safe at 50°C.
Natural materials - 2 bolsters

Box of 2 steak knives Laguiole Prestige, olive wood handle, matt finish

Box with 2 steak knives Laguiole Prestige, olivewood handle with the shepherd's cross.Total length of the steak knife is 23cm.Welded bee & guilloché spring.2 stainless steel bolsters with matt finish. Stainless blade 12c27. 
Laguiole steak knives

Box of 2 Laguiole steak knives, juniper wood handle, matt finish

Box of 2 Laguiole steak knives, with juniper wood handle.Total length of the steak knife: 23 cm. Welded bee & guilloché spring.1 stainless steel bolster with matt finish. Stainless steel blade 12c27.
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