The Art of the table never ceases to evolve with the new trends. Arbalète G.David offers brushed stainless steel knives, stainless steel monoblocks, cutlery in natural materials under the Laguiole, Le Thiers® and Arbalète ranges.
Laguiole bread knife, 12 cm olive wood handle. Welded bee & smooth spring. 1 stainless steel bolster with matt finish. Stainless steel blade 12c27. Blade length : 18 cm.
Natural materials - 2 bolsters

6 Prestige Laguiole steak knives, rosewood handle, 23 cm, shiny finish

6 Prestige Laguiole steak knives rosewood andle of 12 cm, shiny finish.  Welded Bee & guilloched ressort. Stainless blade 12c27.  Currently, rosewood is subject to protection.  Its export is prohibited outside the European Union.
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