Our eco design mention

In 2009, the French Institute of Design created the Ecodesign award to reward the most committed Janus winners. This environmental criterion has been part of the award since its inception, and is gradually gaining ground in all areas of life in society. The evolution of the company is pushing us to be more transparent in terms of sustainable development. Arbalete G. David has been awarded this label for the "responsible" development of its innovative products, both in their design and in their realization. The energy consumption is notably reduced, thanks to the use of noble and low energy consuming materials.

Janus of Industry

25 September of 2009, the French Institution of design has attributed the Janus of Industry price to the Vulcanian Model of the brand Arbalete G. David. It is in front of a Jury and designer that the Vulcanian met a real success.

We were the only one craft society and the only one representative of Auvergne to be awarded during this Janus of Industry Awards. 

Moreover, Arbalete G. David confirme its status with the model Laguium, which also obtained the Janus of Industry Awards in 2010.



The design

Arbalete G. David has a study and design office. The director of this department developed new products in order to meet customers and market expectations.

During the whole year, Arbalete G. David designs new products.

Endlessly looking for innovation or new materials, whether it be about handle, blade or production techniques. 

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